Bengal’s First Dedicated Surgical Day Care Centre Launched

Kolkata, Jan 15: KKM Lap Laser Surgical Center, West Bengal’s first dedicated surgical day care centre and Eastern India’s only facility for international and national LASER Proctology Training Programme, opened its door near upcoming Jyotirindra Nandi Metro station and EM Bypass on Sunday.

Actor Abir Chatterjee Inaugurating KKM LAP Laser Surgical Center

Celebrated bengali film actor Abir Chatterjee graced the grand opening, in which the city’s medical fraternity was present in strength.

A brainchild of renowned laser surgeon Dr. Kalyan Kar and noted gynaecologist Dr. Kajari Mukherjee, KKM Lap laser Surgical Center would provide the most advanced technology for minimally Invasive surgical procedures – LASER, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, Microwave – for treating a host of problems, including pile, fissure, fistula, Varicose Vein , gall bladder, ovarian cyst and menstrual disorders.

“Another salient feature would be aesthetic gynaecology and intimate health clinic for the modern woman, who is concerned about the health and beauty about of her intimate body parts,” said Dr. Mukherjee, who has been associated with the leading hospitals of the city close to 20 years.

The centre is equipped with an ultra- modern operation theatre, and ensures a COVID-safe environment with disposable and biodegradable bedsheets, towels, slippers, utensils and cutlery for patients.

“Day care procedures are best suited to the current societal situation where nuclear families are the order of the day. And Patients can take admission in the morning, undergo surgery in the daytime, get discharged in the evening, and go back to normal life and work within a short period,” said actor Abir Chatterjee.

Dr Kalyan Kar & Abir Chatterjee interacting with media

“Due to the short hospital stay, expenses are much less and there is no risk of hospital-acquired infection, said Dr. Kar, regarded as a pioneer of LASER proctology (the branch of medicine concerned with the anus and rectum) surgery.

Its a proud point to mention that over the past few years, proctology surgeons from 15 countries spread across three continents – Asia, Europe and Africa – have come down to Kolkata to learn the nuances of LASER proctology surgery from Dr. Kar, who has 30-plus years of professional experience.

“It is our dream to develop the centre into a global seat of research and training on Laser proctology in the coming years,” Dr Kar said.

Another uniqueness lies in that the centre would be the first in eastern India to employ the brand new technology of Microwave Ablation, for procedures like destroying breast lumps and Thyroid Nodules, using heat generated by Microwave energy. Kar travelled all the way to Turkey recently to learn the technology.

“These procedures, mostly painless, can be done in minutes. No scar is left. Cosmetically, the results are excellent,” Dr. Mukherjee said.

Last but not the least, the KKM Lap laser Surgical Center has devised a comprehensive three-day package to join the bandwagon of India’s rapidly  growing medical tourism sector- estimated to be worth USD 5-6 billion in mid-2020.

The package ensures a hassle-free trip for the international patients from neighbouring nations like Bangladesh and Bhutan and those from states such as Jharkhand, Bihar and Tripura.

“The package includes doctor’s consultation, investigation, and surgical treatment on day care basis, airport drop and lift, hotel stay, and complimentary breakfast. Local sightseeing and shopping may be arranged on demand,” Dr. Mukherjee added.

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