‘Wandering Mind By Sradhanjali’ Observes World Mental Health Day

World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1 in 8 people globally struggle with a mental health issue. Keeping this worrisome statistics in mind every year WHO is observing 10th of October as World Mental Health Day.

On the Occassion of World Mental Health Day, ‘Wandering Mind By Sradhanjali’, a Kolkata based mental health care providing organisation, organised a discussion on ‘Mental Health for All’ at Blob Studio Kolkata. ‘Wandering Mind By Sradhanjali’ also took initiative to felicitate some of the most prominent personalities and activists who are engazed in making the society more happier and inclusive.

The event started with an opening Dance Performance by Ipsita Chowdhury on the Rabindra Sangeet ‘Amar Mukhti Aloe Aloe’.

The event was graced by Saira Shah Halim, Zenith Roy, Apsara Guha Thakurta, Aritra Goswami, Madhulika Mehta, Soumodeep Ghosh Chowdhury, Nandini Bhattacharya, Baishali Majumdar, Anurag Maitrayee, Adwitya Dutta Banik, Soham Banerjee and Anamika Singh. All of them also spoke on the various issues of mental health and shared their stories of personal struggles.

Gender activist Anurag Maitrayee spoke on the much ignored issues of mental trauma and sufferings of transgender community as they often face abusive behaviour from the family members and society.

Social worker Anamika Singh spoke how her organization Sakhi Sang works to give mental health support to our country’s Security forces who often face mental health issues as they live with very stressful and hectic work schedule.

Men’s rights activist Nandini Bhattacharya spoke how men suffer from mental health issues but fear to disclose as it may tag them as weak persons. She also spoke on the issues how boys are discouraged by parents if they dream to pursue careers in dance and make-up as these are tabboed to be girls’ arena.

Sradhanjali Dasgupta, founder of Wandering Mind said, “The motto behind my Initiative was to create an awareness about mental illness and to start a discussion on mental health issues like borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety, etc. and provide those who suffer from it a safe space and comfort to be able to openly accept and address such issues.”

“People facing mental health disorders like anxiety and depression must consult psychologists without hesitation. We all should pledge to take care from professionals if we face any such issues in any point of our life”, added Sradhanjali who is also serving as State President, WB Mental Health Council of WICCI.