Kolkata Welcomes Asian Games Gold Medalist Anush Agarwalla

Anush Agarwalla, the rising international equestrian star who recently clinched a historic gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games, was honored on the 10th of October. This felicitation event celebrates Anush’s exceptional talent and dedication to the sport of equestrian, marking his remarkable achievement in the Asian Games where he secured a gold medal for India.

Anush’s journey from a young enthusiast introduced to horseback riding at Kolkata’s Tollygunge Club to becoming an international sensation has been nothing short of inspirational. His passion for equestrian sports began at a tender age, and he nurtured his dreams of representing India on prestigious platforms like the Asian Games and the Olympics.

To chase his aspirations, Anush took a bold step at the age of 11 when he moved to New Delhi while continuing his education at La Martiniere for Boys. His commitment bore fruit early on, with silver and gold medals at the renowned Delhi Horse Show in 2014. At just 16 years old, he embarked on a journey to Germany, where he trained under the guidance of Olympic gold medalist Mr. Hubertus Schmidt. Anush’s unwavering determination led him to become India’s youngest Grand Prix rider and secured his place in the World Equestrian Championships.

Reflecting on Anush’s historic achievement at the 2023 Asian Games, Mr. Hubertus Schmidt, his trainer, expressed his pride, stating – “We are all very proud that Anush did such a fantastic test on such a young horse Etro. It was a really nice ride with a lot of power and harmony. That’s exactly what we have trained for.”

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and other disruptions, Anush Agarwalla persevered and made history by winning at the S-Level, becoming the first Indian rider to qualify for the 2022 World Games in Herning, Copenhagen.

At the event, Anush Agarwalla commenced on saying “As I witness India’s flag flying proudly, riding the winds of history, I am overcome with the profound joy that comes with surpassing all odds. This moment bears for me, a unique blend of honor and humility, a testament to the enduring legacy of equestrian excellence.To be part of this tradition is both a privilege and a responsibility, a connection to a heritage that fuels my passion and ignites my determination.”

On the 10th of October, Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally felicitated Anush Agarwalla for his remarkable achievement in equestrian sports. This event acknowledged Anush’s dedication and the glory he has brought to the nation.

Following the felicitation, Anush Agarwalla returned to his hometown of Kolkata on the 11th of October. On the 12th of October, a press conference was held at ITC Royal Bengal, where Anush shared insights into his journey, the challenges he overcame, and his aspirations for the future.

Anush Agarwalla’s story is one of unwavering determination, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As he looks ahead to upcoming challenges, including the 2024 Olympics, Anush envisions each stride as a step closer to redefining the history of Indian equestrian sports.