From Pain to Pandal Hopping: Dr. Surya Uday Singh’s Patients Embrace Kolkata’s Puja Festivities

Dr. Surya Uday Singh, a renowned medical professional, has taken healthcare to new heights with an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing the lives of his patients. This year, he arranged a Puja Parikrama, a cultural and spiritual journey, for individuals who had previously been bedridden due to knee pain and within just one month, they were able to walk and partake in a once-in-a-lifetime festival experience which they have never imagined.
Over the course of three extraordinary days, a group of 30 patients accompanied by Dr. Surya Uday Singh embarked on a memorable journey, which saw them transform from being confined to their homes to exuberantly hopping between various Durga Puja pandals (temporary temples) in Kolkata. The initiative aimed to demonstrate that modern medicine can restore not only physical well-being but also the freedom to embrace and participate in cherished traditions.

The Puja Parikrama commenced with a visit to the vibrant neighborhoods of Dum Dum and Salt Lake. Participants enthusiastically explored these dynamic areas and fully immersed themselves in the local Puja festivities, experiencing the joy and vibrancy of the celebrations.

The second leg of the journey took participants to North Kolkata, where they were exposed to the grandeur of the northern part of the city. Here, they actively engaged in Puja Parikrama activities, connecting with the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The final day of this remarkable event was dedicated to South Kolkata, where participants delved into the vibrant spirit of the city’s southern precincts, further enriching their understanding of Kolkata’s diverse and rich cultural tapestry.

One unique aspect of this Puja Parikrama was that the participants had the opportunity to judge and select the best Puja experience according to their preferences. This added an element of friendly competition to the celebration, making the event even more engaging and enjoyable.

The winning Puja, chosen by the participants, was honored with an award, celebrating the artistic and cultural richness of the Kolkata Durga Puja.

Two of these patients, Mrs. Gouri Roy and Mr. Tridib Choudhuri , expressed their gratitude and praised Dr. Surya Uday Singh. Mrs. Roy stated, “Before the knee replacement surgery, I could hardly walk, and participating in Puja Parikrama was beyond my imagination. Thanks to Dr. Singh’s expertise, I’m now able to not only walk but also enjoy these festivities.”

Mr. Tridib Choudhuri added “I want to say a big thank you to Dr. Surya Uday Singh for giving me back the ability to move without pain. Because of his amazing knee surgery, I can now walk without any discomfort, and I’m even able to hop around during the festivals, something I thought I could never do again.”

Dr. Surya Uday Singh and his dedicated team at RN Tagore Hospital were thrilled to combine healthcare and cultural heritage in such a unique and meaningful way. This initiative symbolizes the idea that modern medicine can empower individuals not only to regain physical well-being but also to reclaim their lives.