Medical Tourism Sector Has High Growth Potential In Kolkata

On 2nd January, Kolkata’s leading medical tourism start up IndiaTreatments opened it’s new office at Kolkata’s posh park street area. IndiaTreatments works in the area of medical tourism. They help patients from foreign countries in getting affordable and quality medical care from India’s leading hospitals. IndiaTreaments has its own office in Bangladesh to facilitate the process of serving patients from the country. His company has tie up with leading corporate medical care providers of India.


“We started in 2018 and till now we have served more than 3500 foreign patients in getting quality treatments in India”, said Mr Samit Bez, Founder of the Company, sitting at his new office with a contended smile.

Mr Samit Bez, Founder of

The success stories like IndiaTreatments can show West Bengal a way to tap this new opportunity. Kolkata can be a hub of India’s growing medical tourism industry because a huge number of patients come from Bangladesh. As per Medical Tourism Association the sector in India was expected to grow to USD 13 billion by 2022. Kolkata can grab a lion’s share of it due to its geo-strategic location. With proper hand holding, guidance and recognition from industry bodies and state government, entrepreneurs like Mr. Bez can be touch bearers of new economic growth of Bengal. Few decades back Kolkata lost its potentiality to become India’s IT capital to Bengaluru. This time a timely and proper policy can do wonder.


Kolkata and West Bengal at large are often criticised for not having enough employment opportunities for youths. Apathy to go for entrepreneurship and business activities among Bengalees are often held responsible for low economic growth of the state. Mr Samit Bez started from a humble beginning but with dedication and diligence he has created IndiaTreatments from the scratch. His entrepreneurial spirit can show the way to many other youths of Bengal to start some ventures of their own.

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