Taneira Unveils Exquisite Saree Collection for Upcoming Durga Pujo

As the vibrant aura of the approaching Durga Pujo season envelops us, one question dancing through the air resonates in every heart: “Ebar Pujoye Ki Porcho?” This Pujo season, the answer is draped in Taneira Laal Paar. Taneira a TATA product brings to you its Pujo Collection—a splendid ode to the rich tapestry of tradition, impeccable craftsmanship, and the resplendence of India’s cultural legacy. A homage to the revered Lal Paar Sarees, which have been woven in the heritage of Bengal region for generations, the collection is a contemporary adaptation of the same, seamlessly intertwining with the festival’s ethos, embracing the enduring qualities of strength, resilience, and empowerment that define the woman of today.

Inspired from the essence of womanhood and the five elements of the universe, Pujo collection captures the purity of water, the groundedness of earth, the fierceness of fire, the breeziness of air, and the openness of the sky. Motifs drawn from the realms of temples, the natural world, including flora and fauna, the delicate allure of shiuli flowers, the ever-changing patterns of nature, intricate geometric designs, the fiery energy of flames, the gentle undulations of water ripples, and the ethereal presence of clouds, come together harmoniously to craft an enchanting narrative that beautifully encapsulates the essence of these elemental forces.

From profound, passionate reds to serene, tranquil tones, skillfully weaving a spectrum of red shades resonating with the very essence of Sindoor Khela, these sarees evoke a rich array of emotions that embody the spirit of this joyful ritual, inviting the connoisseurs to immerse in the exuberance of togetherness with each fold and hue.

Just as Durga Puja brings diverse communities together in unity and social harmony, this collection weaves together the artistry of India’s diverse regions reverberating with the brand’s philosophy of India under one roof. Crafted with precision and love, each saree in the Pujo Collection stands as a testament to the exceptional skill and allure of India’s revered weavers. The collection showcases a wide spectrum of weaving techniques, including the luxurious Bengal silk, the elegant silk cotton, cotton, Mushidabad silk with both woven and extra weft variants, and the intricate Jamdani. Adding to this mosaic of diversity are the South silk sarees with extra weft weaving and the Chattisgarh Tussar sarees adorned with hand-painted designs and block prints.

Draped in the six-yards at a Pujo Pandal, the mesmerizing aroma of incense wafting through the air as performers engage in the enchanting Dhunuchi Naach, the versatility of the textile symbolizes the ease with which modern women navigate their multifaceted lives. As one traverses from one resplendent Pandal to another, Taneira’s Pujo Collection becomes a faithful companion.

Designed for the modern woman, who seeks both tradition and contemporary style, the collection’s lightweight and highly drapable texture resonates with the spirit of the dhaak, its silhouettes and designs echoing the powerful rhythm of the woman of today. Priced between INR 3499 and INR 21,000, Pujo collection is available at select Taneira stores and online at Taneira.com