iLEAD Collabs with Moitreyee Sangha to Promote Sustainable Durga Puja in Kolkata

iLEAD, Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development, through its Waste Billionaire initiative and in collaboration with Moitreyee Sangha, has unveiled a unique idol created entirely from discarded automobile parts.

The pandal is a testament to sustainability and innovation, featuring various upcycled and recycled items such as a sofa made from discarded cycle tires, lights crafted from parts of washing machines, a vertical garden constructed from plastic bottles, and more. It is not just a celebration of tradition, but a powerful statement on environmental consciousness and entrepreneurship.

The primary objective of this remarkable endeavor is to inspire the youth to actively participate in environmental conservation by reducing waste and carbon emissions. In today’s world, the climate crisis looms large, and this initiative strives to be a catalyst for change.

What makes this initiative even more special is its emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship through upcycling and recycling waste. “With minimal capital investment, individuals can transform discarded materials into valuable creations, contributing not only to the environment but also to economic growth. India witnesses a staggering influx of approximately 2.5 million tons of automobile waste destined for scrapping annually. Converting this waste into scrap art offers a substantial business opportunity”, said Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman of iLEAD.

As an institution that fosters leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, iLEAD is committed to spreading awareness among the youth and encouraging them to become responsible citizens and innovative entrepreneurs.

The Moitreyee Sangha pandal serves as a reminder that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected places and that innovation can solve complex environmental problems. As Durga Puja enthusiasts from Kolkata and beyond gather to witness this artistic masterpiece, they are also reminded of their responsibility towards our planet. This initiative is a call to action, inspiring the youth to become pioneers in environmental conservation, and entrepreneurs in their right.