Golden Tulip Kolkata Launches Absorbing Durga Puja Special Menu ‘Pujor Aarombhor O Aahar’

Golden Tulip Kolkata unveiled “Pujor Aarombhor O Aahar” with the absorbing Menu, theme and ambience recreated at its Antipasti restaurant on 13th October.

Durga Puja, also called Durgotsava, is an annual Hindu festival in the Indian subcontinent that reveres the goddess Durga. It is a momentous event for people of West Bengal. And Bengal’s Durga Puja celebration is incomplete without sumptuous cuisines and festive flavor of Bengali recipes. Keeping this in mind Antipasti and Noir has launched their Durga Puja Special Menu.

In Antipasti a different buffet for each of the five days of the festival & the Special Exclusive Thali menu-Rajbarir Thali for 20th to 24th October will be offered. Pandal hoppers can satiate their taste buds with special Bengali cuisine alongside exciting beverages. From appetizing Narkell posto bora, Putli murgir paturi to yummy Macher Kobiraji Bistar and improvised traditional sweets like Swadpriyo Chanar Payesh, Sita Bhog, Khirer Goja, etc.

Hotel Golden Tulip, is ready to welcome its guests with a Aam Pora and Gondhoraj Lebur Sorbet & Ghol as mocktail, accompanied by appetizers like Kakroler cutlet, Topse Bhaja, Pur Bhora Maach, Haser Dimer Devil etc and then dip into Kadoli Pushpa Ghonto, Jhinge Aloo Posto, Pulao Rajnandini, Kadaishutir Kachori and Narkell Cholar Dal to name a few. Each day will be a different delight in buffet menu during pujas.

The non-vegetarian mainstays include Kolkata Chicken Biryani, Kochi Patha aar Haser Dimer Dakbungalow, Morich Murgi, Kosha Mangsho, Szechwan Chicken, etc. The favourites play a key role in the menu planning these days. No Bengali feast is complete without desserts and hence the restaurant has attempted fresh variations like Baked Rosogolla, Mists Doi, Amsotto Sandesh, Mihidana etc. Apart from the exotic buffet the chef will also make the days of Puja real royal by serving the:

This year’s Puja attraction will be their buffet and thali. Buffet has been priced at Rs 1299/-(AI), Non-veg thali at Rs 999/- (AI) & Veg thali at Rs 899/-(AI). Some selective ala-carte will also be there. Guests can enjoy live music at Antipasti in the evenings of Saptami, Ashtami and Navami.