Actress Koushani Mukherjee Inaugurates Kolkata’s Second Melorra Store at Camac Street

Melorra, one of India’s fastest growing D2C jewellery brands, inaugurated its Experience Centre in Kolkata on 18th October, further solidifying its presence in the heart of India’s bustling jewellery market. The store was inaugurated in the presence of Melorra’s retail head Abhinav Kumar and leading Bengali film actress Koushani Mukherjee.

Melorra has revolutionised how Indians perceive and purchase gold and diamond jewellery, offering trendy, lightweight, and fashion-forward designs that cater to today’s consumers. With 29 Experience Centres successfully operating pan India, this 30th new store in Kolkata marks a significant milestone in the brand’s mission to make precious jewellery more accessible and stylish, with over 70% of our Gold and Diamond Jewellery designs priced under ₹50,000. The brand offers its customers a seamless Omni-channel shopping experience and launches over 75 new designs every week, enabling customers to stay updated on the latest trends.

Located at Ground Floor of Azimganj House, Opp British Council, Street, Kolkata this Experience Centre promises a new-age shopping experience. Visitors can explore Melorra’s collections, featuring gold and diamond jewellery pieces that reflect the latest fashion trends, with 18,000+ unique and trendy designs for everyday wear.

The brand has experienced significant growth over the past year, and the trend is anticipated to continue with plans to open 400+ stores in the next five years. Melorra has already made its impact across the nation by delivering to over 3,000 cities, towns, and villages, from those with less than 10,000 residents to those with a population of more than 1 million. Melorra now records ARR $100MN and aims to reach $1 billion in sales over the next five years.

On the launch, Mr. Abhinav Kumar, VP Retail of Melorra, said, “In consonance with our mission of redefining the way jewellery is thought of, we at Melorra are delighted to announce the opening of our 30th experience centre in Kolkata. We firmly believe that every piece of jewellery should weave a distinctive narrative, and this new centre serves as a testament to that belief. It transcends the conventional notion of retail space and offers an innovative and immersive journey through the bylanes of style and fashion. At Melorra, we recognise that our patrons aren’t merely looking for jewellery- they are fashion enthusiasts seeking to be in tune with the latest international fashion trends. To cater to this aspiration, we have meticulously curated our stores. Our unwavering commitment lies in democratising fashion-forward jewellery, ensuring accessibility for all”.

At Melorra’s Experience Centres, customers can shop worry-free with digital checkouts. The stores are equipped with Bliss Bar, where women can get along with their friends, have fun trying Melorra’s latest jewellery, or go through recent trends.

Melorra’s success story has been remarkable, with accelerated growth over the past year and exciting prospects for the upcoming festive season. The brand has made its presence felt across India, the UAE, the USA, the UK, and Europe. Melorra, currently recording revenue of 350 crores, aims to become a $1 billion company within the next five years.