Somponno Café Launches New Multi-Cuisine Seasonal Menu

Somponno Café, a multicuisine restaurant under HIDCO, has unveiled its new multi-cuisine menu consisting of cuisines from Mughlai, Chinese, Bengali to Italian and Continental, to serve its coveted customers. With options in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, each item is distinctly individual in its taste and ingredients. As the management of Somponno Café, Alipore points out that each platter has been judiciously selected from across the world.

Few items from newly launched menu

The Café offers a variety of dishes that include among others soups such as (Asparagus, Cream of Chicken), salads (Roasted Chicken Hawaiian Salad, Classic Caesar), appetisers (Darjeeling Style Momo, Pan-tossed Fresh Mushrooms, Chicken Aglio Olio Peppercino), main course (Risotto Al-Fungi, Four Cheese Pizza, Grilled Stuffed Chicken with red-wine jus, Russian Chicken Stroganoff, Vegetarian Tetrazini) and desserts (Mango Cheese Cake, Daab Ice Cream, Chocolate Monte Carlo, Walnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream).

This 90-seater state-of-the-art café has several signature dishes such as Tex Mex Bowl, Greek styled – Chicken Souvlaki, Kung Pao Bowl, Murg Tikka Makhani, Somponno Special Fried Prawn, Signature Gondharaj Fish Kebab, Cilantro Chili Chicken and the special dessert consisting of Misti Doi Millie Fullie.

Mr Sudip Chatterjee, Manager of Somponno Café said, “Our café is an ideal place for anyone visiting the Zoo, National Library, Horticultural Gardens, Alipore Museum, Dhono Dhanya Auditorium or Uttirno stadium. The multi-cuisine foods here are extremely delicious and we invite everyone to come here and visit us with your family and friends. For upcoming Durga puja days we will offer affordable buffet lunch and dinner for visitors”

Somponno Café is a must-recommended venue for film shoots, events such as music, book and product launches. It is strategically located in Alipore with an aesthetic décor of a glass façade giving a complete panoramic view to the surroundings. It also has a multilevel parking facility with ample enough room for parking buses, cars, or bikes.

With the promises of delectable foods and insta worthy ambience, Somponno Café is a must visit place with family and friends or even with professional colleagues.