Kolkata to Host Indian Ice-Cream Expo 2023 at Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan

The Indian Ice-Cream Manufacturers’ Association (IICMA) is thrilled to announce the eagerly awaited 11th edition of the Indian Ice-Cream Expo 2023, fondly known as IICE. This prestigious event, co-organized by IICMA and AIM Events, is set to take place from September 13th to September 15th, 2023, at the iconic Biswa Bangla Mela Prangan in Kolkata.

The event will be inaugurated by Dr. Shashi Panja, the Cabinet Minister of Industries, Commerce & Enterprises, West Bengal, adding a touch of prestige to the proceedings.

IICE 2023 promises to be a gathering of luminaries in the ice cream industry, with the presence of esteemed figures from IICMA and renowned ice cream brands such as Amul, Vadilal, Scoops, Havmor, Hangyo, Arun, Naturals, Dairy Classic, Creambell, Dinshaw’s, Pastanji, Top N Town, and many others. This collective presence will infuse the event with industry wisdom and unparalleled prestige.

Highlighting the international significance of IICE, over 26 international firms will participate, with a significant number making their debut appearance. This global representation underscores the expo’s importance and outreach on the global stage.

The expo will offer a comprehensive showcase of the latest technology and trends in ice cream manufacturing machinery, cone production, printing and packaging equipment, flavors & fragrances, food ingredients, dried fruits, nuts, spices, and saffron expertise. Additionally, it will focus on coding and labeling machinery, wooden stick product manufacturers, cold chain enterprises, cold room solutions, deep freezers, and consultancy services.

IICE 2023 will also bring together traders, stockists, raw material suppliers, milk powder and chocolate providers, and ice cream brands seeking expansion opportunities.

The event’s first day will feature a comprehensive seminar led by industry stalwarts, offering attendees a unique opportunity for insightful learning. The discussion will revolve around “India Becomes the Most Productive Ground for Global Machinery.”

On the second day, prominent speakers will engage in thought-provoking conversations on critical topics such as the importance of technical education and knowledge in the ice cream industry, the rise of vegan ice cream as the next revolution, and innovative methods reshaping the world of ice cream cakes.

Rajesh Gandhi, MD of Vadilal Industries and Chairman of IICMA, invites all stakeholders in the ice cream industry to enthusiastically participate in IICE 2023, emphasizing its potential as a thriving hub for business activities. Sudhir Shah, Managing Director of Scoop Ice Cream and President of IICMA, underscores the expo’s role in fostering connections and driving industry growth.

Sudhir Shah, Managing Director of Scoop Ice Cream and President of IICMA said, “The expo’s pivotal role in fostering connections, exchanging ideas, and driving business growth within the industry. The 11th edition of IICE promises an unparalleled platform for industry enrichment and development”.

According to Firoz H. Naqvi, Director of AIM Events, the ice cream industry, valued at Rs. 25,000 crores, experienced remarkable growth of 40-45% in 2022, with projections indicating an even more robust expansion of 15% this year.

As the curtains rise on the Indian Ice-Cream Expo 2023, the industry comes together to celebrate its evolution, innovation, and limitless possibilities. It’s a moment to unite, share knowledge, and proclaim, “Glory to IICE 2023!”