Bengal Christian Council Organized Silent Peace Rally to Protest against Manipur Violence

Bengal Christian Council (BCC), under the aegis of the National Council of Churches in India, expressed its deep pain and concern about the ongoing ethnic violence in India’s north-eastern State of Manipur. To show solidarity with the victims of Manipur Violence BCC organized a silent peace rally from St. Paul Cathedral to Gandhi Murti in Kolkata on 1st September. They condemned burning and destruction of Several Churches by rioting in Manipur.

Bengal Christian Council appealed to all parties to refrain from further attacks, and urged the State and Central Governments to continue the steps taken to restore normalcy. They also demand appropriate non-violent measures to restore peace and normalcy by engaging the affected communities in meaningful dialogue in a spirit of camaraderie.

Hundreds of people joined the peace rally called by Bengal Christian Council to show solidarity with the affected communities and particularly with the Churches which were brunt in the ethnic violence.

“May the peace of the Resurrected Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be with all those who are affected by this violence, and with us all. We pray God Almighty to look favourably upon the situation in Manipur, and bless all efforts to bring healing and reconciliation amidst the people of Manipur and Peace in the region. Reports reveal the tragic nature of the devastation caused, especially the heavy loss of innocent lives in the clashes. Worship places and houses were attacked and burned, and heavy damages inflicted on public and private properties. In this context, we urge the communities to refrain from mindless acts of violence, arson, looting and abuse of women as that is not the answer to such issues. We also urge the communities to support the authorities in bringing lasting peace and normalcy to the region”, said Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning, President of Bengal Council and Bishop of Diocese of Calcutta (CNI).