Ukiyoto Publishing Organized Solstice Annual Conference 2023 in Kolkata

Solstice Annual Conference 2023, organized by Ukiyoto Publishing saw the confluence of eminent dignitaries and faculty from top notch institutions from all over the country in Kolkata. Organized on 6th August at Satyajit Ray Auditorium of ICCR Kolkata, this literary event was a step towards blending literature and creativity.

A panel discussion was held. The topic was “The Importance of Translation and Linguistic Transference in Content Creation and Cross-cultural Communication”. The Panel members included dignitaries such as,
Prof. (Dr.) Anindya Sekhar Purakayastha., Prof. Aveek Majumder, Prof. Rindon Kundu and Mr V. Ramaswamy.

The event was attended by Dr. Swati Guha, Director of Institute of Language Studies and Research (ILSR) Kolkata. ILSR also is a Program Partner of the event. Other dignitaries included, Mr Nicolas Facino (Director of Alliance Française du Bengale), Mr. Debanjan Chakrabarti (Director of British Council East and Northeast India), Prof. (Dr.) Soujanya Pudi (Professor & Head at NSHM Centre for Language & Communication) and Mr Arindam Deb (Director, Literary and Editorial Affairs, Everychild Lifeline Charity Foundation, Kolkata Wing)

Solstice Annual Conference 2023 saw huge attendance from people of all walks of life

The Panel discussion was followed by felicitation of successful translated projects, book launch by author, Sourav Mukherjee for his title “From Paper to Pixel”, Sanjai Banerji for “Nobody Dies Tonight” and Sneha for “Mention Not”.

The program was concluded by a beautiful poetry musical, ‘Deserts of Loss’ conducted by Ms Anindita Bose, Mr Prajna Dutta & Mr Shiladitya Chakrabarty.

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