Sulagna Academy Trust Celebrates India’s Vibrant Festivals Through Dance, Drama & Music

In a mesmerizing showcase of India’s rich cultural tapestry, the talented students of Sulagna Academy Trust (SAT) took the stage to present their astounding production, “RANGIYE DIYE JAO.” Under the visionary guidance of renowned Odissi performer and General Secretary of Sulagna Academy Trust, this performance captured the essence of life’s hues and the festivals that adorn it.

With a seamless blend of captivating dance, enthralling drama, and soul-stirring musical and Dance production, “RAKHAL RAJ” transported the audience into a world of vibrant festivities, bringing to life the kaleidoscope of emotions and traditions that define India’s cultural landscape. The production’s success was made possible by the invaluable financial grant and unwavering support extended by the esteemed Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi.

The event not only highlighted the incredible talents of SAT’s students but also stood as a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and cultural preservation. Through “RANGIYE DIYE JAO,” Sulagna Academy Trust and its partners have showcased the magic of India’s festivals, leaving the audience brimming with joy and a deeper appreciation for the nation’s artistic heritage.