‘Sew in Style’ Launches Its Unique Festive Collection Promoting Circular Fashion

Sew in Style, a fashion boutique emerging as a beacon of innovation and conscious consumerism, introduced their unique Festive Collection along with a grand launch on 7th August at their New Alipore store located at Pranami building where 25 dresses form festival collection were showcased through a ramp walk. This marked a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, solidifying its presence in the eastern region. The new collection was introduced by eminent guests like Ashoke Deb, M L A, Budge Budge, Rajpal Sing Khalon, IAS, Former Additional Chief Secretary, Dr Mamata Binani, President MSME Forum, Swastika Mukherjee, Indian Actress & Rajani Kedia Ghosh, Owner of Sew in Style.

Established as a start-up in January 2021, Sew in Style took the fashion scene by storm with its in-house manufacturing of contemporary and wearable trendy dresses, suits, salwars, and more. Today, “SEW IN STYLE” proudly reflects on its journey of growth and evolution. With a vision to redefine fashion, “SEW IN STYLE” began its operations with a small outlet store. The aim was to provide customers with enhanced shopping experiences and to inspire creativity through connection. The commitment to this vision remains unwavering, as the brand continues to evolve and push boundaries. Central to the ethos of “SEW IN STYLE” is its dedication to sustainable fashion. As a women-led enterprise, the brand’s founder, Rajani Kedia Ghosh, has passionately driven the concept of clothing recycling as an integral part of textile recycling. “SEW IN STYLE” takes recycling to a new level, strategically recovering old clothing and shoes for creative upcycling. The brand meticulously sorts and processes these materials to craft new clothing suitable for reuse. The focus on sustainable practices extends to the meticulous curation of articles, handcrafts, and artistic pieces from across the country, which is then customized to resonate with customers.

Rajani Kedia Ghosh, Owner of Sew in Style, shared her excitement about the launch of the Festive Collection and the brand’s continued journey towards innovation and sustainability. She said, “Our Festive Collection launch marks not only a significant step in our brand’s growth but also underscores our commitment to redefining fashion with consciousness. At Sew in Style, we believe in weaving together innovation and sustainability, and this collection is a testament to that belief. As we continue to evolve, our focus remains on empowering women, fostering creativity, and making a positive impact on the fashion industry and the world.”