myMD Polyclinic Launches ‘Aarogya Bandhu’ Card & ‘Diabetes Free Bengal’ Campaign to Improve Primary Healthcare in Suburban Bengal

myMD Polyclinic, a leading healthcare provider, is proud to announce the launch of two groundbreaking initiatives aimed at improving primary healthcare access and raising awareness about diabetes in suburban Bengal. With a vision to enhance the quality of life for the people by providing affordable and equitable healthcare services, myMD Polyclinic has taken significant strides in its mission to upgrade primary healthcare facilities across the region.

Under the “Aarogya Bandhu” plan, individuals can register for a one-time fee of just 499/-. This registration grants them unlimited visits to any of the Mymd Polyclinic branches for general physician consultations throughout the year, without anyadditional consultation fees for their subsequent visits. Furthermore, registered individuals are entitled to a flat 10% discount on diagnostics and a 20% discount on all medicines. As an added benefit, immediate family members can also avail themselves of the Aarogya Bandhu registration at a special offer of only 400/-. This comprehensive plan ensures that the people of Bengal have access to affordable and equitable primary healthcare services, thereby addressing their health concerns within their vicinity.

In commemoration of the 77th Independence Day, Mymd Polyclinic is launching the “Diabetes Free Bengal” campaign. Recognizing the significant impact of stressful and sedentary lifestyles, as well as family history, on the prevalence of diabetes, this campaign aims to increase awareness about diabetes and promote a high-quality life for individuals across the region. It is important to note that diabetes is not limited to any age group, and even children, teens, and young adults can be affected. However, the condition often goes unidentified until it becomes chronic or a general test is conducted.

Latika Sinha, Chief Communication Officer, Mymd said, “As part of the ‘Diabetes Free Bengal’ campaign, individuals can avail themselves of complimentary services at their nearest Mymd Polyclinic branch. These services include doctor consultations and essential blood work, such as Glucose Random, TSH, Creatinine, and total cholesterol. By offering these complimentary services, Mymd Polyclinic aims to encourage individuals to proactively monitor their health, as timely identification and treatment of diabetes can prevent potential complications and organ damage.To register for these free services, sms mymd to 9903519999. Diabetes free campaign is valid from 15th July to 15th August 2023.”

Latika Sinha, Chief Communication Officer for MyMd also said “Mymd Polyclinic remains committed to providing the people of suburban Bengal with easy and affordable access to primary healthcare services while promoting the rational use of medicine. By joining hands with the community, we believe in creating a healthier Bengal, where individuals can address their health concerns responsibly and avoid the risks associated with quackery and self-medication.”

MyMD clinics are located at Girishpark, Topsia, Howrah, Sheoraphuli, Uluberia, Jagdishpur, Ghatakpukur, Malanch, Baruipur, Joynagar, Barasat, Bandel, Kakinada, Rishra, Naihati, Barrackpur, Bongaon, Basirhat, Kalyani, Amtala.

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