Indian Chamber of Commerce Hosts Talk on Future of US-India Relations

The Indian Chamber of Commerce organized an interactive session with Eric Garcetti, the U.S. Ambassador to India on 6th July at a hotel in Kolkata. The session’s focus was the relationship between the United States and India and their future ambitions. The main topics of discussion were bilateral trade, investments, security, defense, clean energy, and technology. U.S. Consul General Melinda Pavek, Mehul Mohanka, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Rajeev Singh, Director General, Indian Chamber of Commerce, attended the session.

Ambassador Eric Garcetti in his special address said, “Not as receivers but as active writers, I extend a warm greeting to everyone present today. Let’s write down the pages and paragraphs of the world and the U.S.-Indian history collectively. President Biden requested me to serve as the U.S. ambassador, saying he wanted someone who he could trust and who also understood the significance of India. Now is the perfect time for India and the U.S. to invest in the future and bring about peace and prosperity. We can define freedom and economic success together and do all of these things to safeguard our people in order to preserve our earth for future generations. Our connection has never accelerated this quickly, making this one of history’s great moments. Through several industries, we have long-standing relationships with West Bengal. We must live up to our principles. Our projects like The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is supporting women entrepreneurs in East and Northeast India in realizing their aspirations and changing the education system at the same time. In conclusion, I’d like to emphasize that we are open for business and that we are here to support and uplift the dreams of Bengalis and other people in the east and northeast of this nation. Your dreams can be helped and supported by our team.”

Delivering the welcome address, Mehul Mohanka, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce, said, “Although there has been a long-standing relationship between Ambassador Garcetti and the Indian Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Consulate in Kolkata, today’s event is particularly significant to us since it marks his first trip to our city. With a growing convergence of interests in bilateral, regional, and international concerns, India-US ties have evolved into a worldwide strategic alliance. Relationships between the U.S. and India now span a variety of fields and sectors, including high technology, science, cyber security, education, trade, and security and defense. With bilateral commerce topping $191 billion in 2022, nearly tripling from 2014, the India-U.S. investment partnership is a region of global growth. The resumption of the CEOs Forum and the U.S.-India Commercial Dialogue has prompted the relevant industries to act on the CEOs’ recommendations for engagement and technical cooperation in order to develop a dependable supply chain for cutting-edge clean technology and advance the digital economy. Technology has been crucial in strengthening our collaboration. In terms of clean energy, the U.S. and India have a similar and ambitious ambition for the quick and wide-scale deployment of clean energy to meet global climate targets. The 2030 U.S.-India Climate and Clean Energy Tender reflects this commitment. India and the U.S. are united in the determination to use the G20 to establish and implement mutually beneficial objectives for global investment and growth. The U.S.-India alliance is a pillar of the free Indo-Pacific partnership, and strengthening this new generation of defense collaboration will undoubtedly demonstrate how technical advancement and expanding military cooperation between our countries can be advantageous for the whole world. I’m hoping that today’s discussion will provide some important light on potential avenues for sectoral, regional, and bilateral cooperation between the world’s two biggest democracies to advance overall economic growth and development.”

Introducing Ambassador, Consul General Melinda Pavek said, “Ambassador Eric Garcetti is an educator, a committed public servant, and a diplomat. He studied Hindi, Indian culture, and international public affairs at Columbia University, where he also received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. On the cultural side of life, Ambassador Garcetti is an avid pianist and photographer.”

Delivering the vote of thanks, Dr Rajeev Singh said, “This discussion has been energizing, inspirational, and idea-filled. Since the Ambassador suggested that instead of being businessmen, let’s be authors, we feel included and the Indian Chamber of Commerce is grateful for the contribution. The relationship and collaboration between the U.S. and India are extremely important.”

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