Historical Thriller Book ‘The Art of Plunder’ Released in Kolkata

Johannesburg based IT consultant Mr. Alekhya Talapatra recently visited his home state West Bengal to launch his second book, The Art of Plunder. The book is a historical triller based on hunting and smuggling of artefacts.

Mr. Talapatra apart from being a technocrat is also an accomplished painter. In The Art of Plunder, he has portrayed the people, the places and the characters in realistic backdrops.

The book tells us a story about the booming market for historical artefacts and ruthless hunt for them. Two children lose their fathers and then their guardians to this factor, and eventually, Raina in Srinagar and Neel in Jorhat pledge to avenge themselves. The ancient Buddhist relics, Yiddhi—a gold mask shrouded by a five-headed cobra, and Yiddham—a gold tortoise studded with gems, intertwines with their fate. A story of greed, lust, vendetta and pulsating action is portrayed in details.

“Whenever I find some time from my busy schedule I sit for writting. As a reader I love to read thriller and same I prefer as a writer. Writting is my passion. I would be happy if readers my style of story telling”, said author Alekhya Talapatra. The author is also open to the idea of making a film or series based on the book.

In The Art of Plunder, the readers will find a serious explanation of life and living. The book is available on Amazon & Flipkart.