Association of Muslim Professionals to Host East India NGO Conference in Kolkata

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is going to organise East India NGO Conference in Kolkata, tentatively on 9th & 10th of September, 2023. It will be attended by Social Leaders, Ulemas, Policy Makers, Academicians, Intellectuals & Civil Society Activists of National Stature. Delegates of more than 500 NGOs from East & North Eastern States (West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim) working at the ground level, are expected to participate. They will share their experiences as well as interact with each other for future planning Social Leaders and their Organisations (NGOs) play a great role in shaping an equitable World, lifting human beings from the depths of Despair into a realm of Hope and Joy. This individual brilliance if brought together on one platform of Collaboration would yield results that can change the World.

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), working since past 15 years in the domains of Education & Empowerment since last more than 15 years, is connected with 5000+ NGOs across India, whom it helps in capacity building and implementing AMP’s social welfare programmes.

AMP is now holding Zonal NGO Conferences to focus on the 200 Backward Minority- concentrated Districts of the Country where a large segment of the Muslim Community is lacking in development and needs to be brought at par with other communities. Social Leaders and NGOs from the respective zones will come together and Collaborate to lay out a Roadmap to uplift the socio-economic status of the Community. The first of these was the AMP North-India NGO Conference held in Lucknow, on 4th & 5th of March, 2023.

In AMP East India NGO Conference in Kolkata many important topics will be covered in various sessions such as: 1) Importance & Role of Education in shaping the Future of Community; 2) Creating a Roadmap for the Economic Development of Indian Muslims; 3) Community Agenda for 2047 – From Unappreciated to Acclaimed; 4) Partnerships & Collaborations The only way forward; 5) Women Engagement – Equal Participation in Community Development 6) Zakat and Awqaaf – Divine Tools for Empowerment: 7) NGO Capacity Building – Reinforcing the Foundation & others.

Aamir Edresy, President of AMP, said “We plan to harness the power of individual NGOs to the next level. A large section of the community is marginalized and needs to be brought at par with other communities. To further this mission, AMP will organize zonal conferences all over the Country, where social leaders and NGOs from respective zones will be connected with. Together, we will make collective contribution in improving the educational and social condition of the community.”