AGWE Presents ‘Tumi Adwitiya Award’ to Felicitate Women Serving Mankind Selflessly

AGWE (ASSOCIATION FOR GLOBAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT) has been into Philanthropic services since 2017 to empower women & child care, education and health. The AGWE is founded by Adwitiya Datta Banik, a commendable author of two successive books and an educationist. In 2020 she had shaved her 18.9 inches long hair and gifted them to the cancer warriors to spread the awareness about Beauty Beyond physical appearance.

Adwitiya Datta Banik during a photoshoot for ‘Tumi Adwitiya Award’

Breaking Stereotype she won the crown of Ms. Face of West Bengal 2023. And now like a tigress she is on roar to uplift the society that promotes Body Positivity and Inclusive Diversification of womanhood from homemakers to changemakers, business entrepreneurs to social Influencers , Stereotype breakers to specially abled beauty queens.

She has set the platform of Beauty Pageant where women from different fields can groom themselves at AGWE to create an identity with integrity. AGWE presents ‘Tumi Adwitiya Award’ which denotes felicitation for those powerful Women who have selflessly served mankind for the betterment, with the amalgamation of Ms. City of Joy 2023 a red-carpet where women would bloom into an Inspirational Role Icon.

Adwitiya Datta Banik with participants and groomers

Adwitiya Datta Banik has a vision for a great chain of events that would be an excellent networking hub for the female hierarchy of beauty with brains & a runway to promote their skills , talents , potential and exceptional inner self.

Registration for AGWE is open. Interested candidates may call at 9647082434 for enrollment. Booking also is going on for Portfolio Photoshoot workshop & grooming sessions. For more details one can check this website:

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