Fourth Edition of Sanatan Das Baul’s ‘Baul Premik’ Book Launched

On 10th June at Satyajit Ray auditorium of ICCR Kolkata, the 4th edition of Baul Premik, a book authored by Sri Sanātan Das Baul was launched. This 4th edition has been compiled and presented by Parvathy Baul, renowned protege of Sanatan Das Baul.

Sanatan Das Baul with Parvathy Baul at Khayerbuni Ashram near Sonamukhi, Bankura in 2004

The book launch event saw the presence of Baul Masters, eminent scholars, celebrities and authors. Many guests shared their reflections about the book and the message it carries. Some of them shared their cherished memories about Sri Sanātan Das Baul’s life as a Baul Practitioner and Master. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Anindya Chattopadhyay, Pracheta Gupta, Ajanta Roy Chowdhury, Damodar Goshai, Biswanath Das Baul, Madan Goshai, Minakshi Mishra, ICCR Kolkata Director, were present as esteemed guests.

A short audio visual presentation about Life and teachings of Sri Sanātan Das Baul was shown.
Parvathy Baul along with other Baul gurus shared Baul songs which reflected the central message of the book.

The book “Baul Premik” is the result of Sri Sanatan Baul Das Thakur’s entire life of sadhana. This book is the first of its kind to introduce Baul Sadhana to the contemporary modern world, coming from a Baul Sadhak himself.

It is a conversation between Baul and Premik. Premik puts his question forward and the Baul solves his query by explaining the verses based on his knowledge (Mahagyani bhandar). As this conversation progresses, towards the end, the Baul enters into deep sadhana tattva. The book introduces us to the devotional life of the Baul saints. Many ideas about Baul Marga (Yoga and Bhakti) get clarified. Baul music and Sadhana are complementary — one is not exclusive of the other. The spirit of Baul Sadhana attains its purest form in combining sadhana and music, as there is no Baul music without sadhana.

The previously published first and second edition of the book “Baul Premik” are presented in this fourth edition in the section named ‘Sutrapat’, and an unpublished manuscript has been added in the section named ‘Antim Charan’. The dialogue between Baul and Premik, which seemed somewhat fragmented in the third edition, flows like a river here in the fourth edition.

Apart from this, the reader will get to know several songs composed by Baba. Some of the audio tracks sung by him have also been included in this book. Several pictures have been added for the reader to get a glimpse of his life.

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