Synersoft Launched Affordable Hybrid Email System for Indian MSMEs

Synersoft, an Indian product company for the Indian MSMEs has launched a novel technology known as Hybrid Email System to reduce yearly subscription cost of email services by 50% to70%. This is a breakthrough technology which will help thousands of MSMEs to save yearly recurrent costs and rationalize their spending on email system.

Mr. Vishal Prakash Shah, CEO, Synersoft, upholds the revolutionary potential of this technology and asserts the following: It solves a common problem. Standard email systems like Gmail, MS365 are priced between INR 2000 to INR 10000 per year per email box. They are offered with 30 GB to 50 GB mailbox for each email id with a host of features. For an MSME setup such a yearly cost is perceived to be on the higher side. In an MSME setup most users do not use such large mailbox and do not need advanced features of these email system. They need a simple email system which can be accessed in a browser or in email client using POP or IMAP protocol. So, very few users like owners and top management personnel in an MSME setup require feature rich and large mailbox email services. Most of the users do not require them. However, an MSME must pay for all features for all the users. It is challenging to use different mail service providers for a single domain. Hence, the yearly cost of email subscription is high compared to the usage requirements.

Hybrid Email Service is an answer to this problem. It is the technology which can allow single domain to be used with different email service providers to solve such a problem and reduce yearly cost of email subscription. It will allow an MSMEs to pay premium for a few users for large mailbox and host of features with Gmail or MS365 and pay less for most of the users for a simple email system accessible over a browser or an email client.

This can be better understood by an example, states Sudhir Chaubey, Co-Founder at Synersoft, A company with 30 email users may be paying a minimum of INR 60000 to INR 75000 per year for email system to Gmail or MS365. It may be possible that hardly 5 users may require large mailbox and host of services and 25 users may require simple email system. So, by adopting hybrid system, one can pay INR 10000 to INR 12500 for 5 users and pay INR 10000 to 15000 for the rest of the 25 users. It may reduce over cost to INR 20000 to 27500 INR per year from INR 60000 to INR 75000 per year.

The BLACKbox hybrid email subscription services are offered in two categories. Hybrid POP Email Id and Hybrid IMAP Email Id. It comes in a bunch of 10 email boxes with 100 GB pool space expandable as per the requirements for IMAP accounts and POP accounts.

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