Sunday Sunshine on Mother’s Day – Defining the World’s Most Obvious Relationship

My attention is divided between two worlds. These worlds exist, but are hidden to most humans until they nurture their senses to that utopian level in which the trees talk to them, the birds tell them stories of lands seen and unseen, nature visits them in different forms and the energies bubble around them and invite them to burst each of those bubbles to reveal truths about life. My essence lies between these two worlds since I am the bridge. And I realised this only when I lost my two mothers.

Mothers are energies that boost us and help us to survive strongly on this earth; they lead us forward to growth and evolution. And when I lost two mothers who had kept me safe and happy under their love and care, I lost my way into a reality that thrives on divisions, beliefs, dreams and goals of individuals. I lost my grandmother and mother because they had to begin their journies in the universe.

Even though I had to accept the truth about life and death, yet I walked with my soul bare and ripped. I tried to break free from the chains of emotions to see beyond. But it was difficult until one day in Ooty my friends took me to see a Fall.

I was sitting in the car and wondering what is there to see in a water-fall. But all three of them were excited like children. They were searching for the location of that Fall and they were singing and dancing. I was quiet. I observed them and wondered what life means to these three humans. I have always observed humans : evolved and unevolved are the two major kinds. But what about those humans who do not demand to evolve, rather take life as it comes to them?

I keenly observed those three friends from South India who were mild, simple and loved life. We found the Fall and I enjoyed the gurgling sound of that pure running water. They were overjoyed, and at that moment I got a glimpse into myself and realised who I am.

I am the bridge between the two worlds.

I see both the worlds : the one which exists without any desire to be seen or talked about; and the other one which keeps declaring that it exists and survives on the lens of popularity.

I was born with the gift of eyes to see the parallel worlds and write their stories in my own ways, so that I can keep secrets of both the worlds and not confuse any of them.

For some reasons, I am given the keys to both the world; I am yet to know why. But at least I know my role as the bridge.

And perhaps when mothers leave on their journey, they leave behind blessings for their children to shine with strength and wisdom. It is a universal truth that when we lose our mothers, we become our own mothers to keep ourselves strong, and rooted to our lives.

(Written by Anindita Bose. Anindita wears many hats. She is an Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Public Relations Expert)

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine on Mother’s Day – Defining the World’s Most Obvious Relationship

  1. Excellent write up Annidita!
    Truly, Motherhood is a concept ,it’s a state of being and bundle of energy that is focused on wellbeing of humans. It’s the greatest force in the world which helps us to survive.

    Very well penned Annidita.

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