Sunday Sunshine on Contemporary Dilemma on Procreation

Growing a world is not easy, sometimes it takes a lifetime to realise whether plants, cats or humans – whichever you are planning to grow – is a world; full of emotions and other complexities. Both men and women can adopt animals, fishes or plants and decide to become an owner to grow these lives. But when it comes to adopting a human child or even giving birth, the most difficult part in a human life begins.

Growing another human and giving that human knowledge and dreams about the world and reality when illusions are lingering around like common truths, are two most challenging actions that an adult human can take up and perform.

In the contemporary world when death has become a choice at times, giving birth is a decision that females are considering only when they meet a partner who makes them feel complete, and is capable of giving them a sense of companionship. Marriage can still be the pillar of defining relationships in many societies across the globe, yet a new leaf has been breathing for many years now. And the leaf has grown to explore why in many countries in the world, people are opting for not having children and why women are breaking the rules of marrying early and waiting till mid or late thirties to marry or even give birth.

The basic truth about life and evolution is that no one needs to get married to give birth, but to have a family people consider to marry and then have children; however, if we focus on the former idea then a question sprouts – why are most women in the world not considering having children with marriage or without marriage? What has changed in the evolution of females?

Being a mother is more important, or finding a companion with whom she can have children? These are a few questions, which if explored and taken into account for research can change the directions of human societies. Females are naturally born with the idea of procreation, then why are they now creating boundaries?

Are they – ?
full of regrets
afraid of being alone
longing for a right companion

Or are they letting go of their most important primary instinct of being a mother and nourishing a life?

What if we are not aware and in reality, those women who are giving birth in families are doing that as an act of sacrifice or with the fear that when they grow old they will need younger humans to look after them, and so they are giving birth to create children who would not abandon them later.

At this moment, I have no answers but I am sure you do… and if you one day voice your opinions then we will all know how the destiny and future of earth will shape in the coming days.

(Written by Anindita Bose. Anindita wears many hats. She is an Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Public Relations Expert)

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