St. Joan’s School Starts Offering Mandarin to Their Students

St. Joan’s School, Salt Lake, celebrated a landmark event on 8th May with the launch of its Chinese Language (Mandarin) program. To kick off the landmark initiative, the school welcomed esteemed guests Hon’ble Zha Liyou, the Consul General of The People’s Republic of China in Kolkata, Mr. David Larbalestier, former Director of Studies at the Department of English, University of Technology College, Sydney.

The launch of the program marks a significant milestone for St. Joan’s School, as it continues to expand its educational efforts to promote cross-cultural learning and prepare students for a globalized world. The new Chinese Language (Mandarin) program aims to introduce students to the language and culture of China, with a curriculum designed to deepen their understanding of Chinese traditions and customs.

A colourful Chinese traditional dance performance was part of the event

Hon’ble Zha Liyou, a guest of honor at the event, expressed his appreciation for St. Joan’s School’s initiatives to introduce Chinese language and culture to Indian students. He emphasized the importance of educational institutions in promoting cross-cultural understanding and building strong relationships.

Mr. David Larbalestier, the former Director of Studies at the Department of English, University of Technology College, Sydney, shared his experiences of cross-cultural learning and interaction during his academic career.

As per St Joan’s School’s press note, they took this initiative to prepare the students to become global citizens, promoting internationalism & community-centric values. They want to equip the students for life long success in today’s ever expanding global world. Learning a foreign language will give them the edge.
This program will help them to boost brain power, improve memory & build up multitasking skills. Majority of the students are already trilingual speaking Bengali, English & Hindi – two of the world’s most spoken languages. Mandarin will give them the additional boost to their careers. Bilingualism is a valuable skill set employers look for students who know a foreign language are much in demand when they enter their professional lives. Fluency in Mandarin will enable them to communicate with over 1.4 billion people of the world’s second largest economy.

Mandarin language will be taught by qualified teachers holding Bachelors & Masters degree in Chinese Language.

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