ILEAD Film Festival Screens Thought-provoking Films on India’s Glorious History & Life

ILEAD Films, the production unit of Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development (LEAD), is organising ILEAD Film Festival from May 26th to May 30th, 2023 at 5 pm onwards every day. The festival is being held at the ILEAD Auditorium, Topsia, Kolkata, offering film enthusiasts a unique opportunity to witness the finest works produced by ILEAD Films so far. The movies will range from showcasing human emotions, to exploring the glorious history of our nation.

ILEAD Films will present an impressive number of thought-provoking films with educative, meaningful and socially significant content. The festival schedule is as follows:

May 26th: “1971-India’s Finest Hour” – A film on India’s spectacular military victory in the 1971 India-Pakistan war that led to the liberation of Bangladesh. Lauded as the ‘must watch film for every Indian’, it showcases the brilliant roles played by all departments of Govt. of India in the most co-ordinated way.

May 27th: “Before You Die” – Kavya is a young girl from Rajasthan who arrives with her father in the beautiful hills of North Bengal. She meets Kuldip, a boy who works at the tea estate of Darjeeling. She gradually finds love in him. However, when she is proposed to by Kuldip, she decides to run away leaving him in a devastated state. But Kuldip decides not to give up. He has to find out why she left. It is a passionate story about love and life.

May 28th: “Kusum Ka Biyaah” This yet to be released film is based on a true story exemplifying and facts are stranger than fiction-a story that shows the determination of the human spirit to defy all odds and overcome. It is a story of how the poorest of poor coped with Covid pandemic lockdown – a story about the eternal rivalry between the states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

May 29th: “Transfer of Power” – The story of how India achieved independence from 200 years of British dominance. Live the time with authentic footage and content which leads you through the single most remarkable event in history. May 30th: “INDIRA” – It is a documentary feature film that narrates the story of the lady who led India’s future through extremely rare archived footage. BBC referred to her as the Woman of the Millennium’ and Time Magazine called her as one of the world’s 100 powerful women who defined the last century.

iLEAD Films has continuously demonstrated an unwavering commitment to cinematic excellence. The film festival is a testament to our dedication in producing exceptional storytelling and showcasing diverse narratives that are socially significant. Film enthusiasts, critics, industry professionals, students, parents are attending the iLEAD Film Festival.

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