Neuberg Diagnostics Makes Joint Venture with Kolkata’s Pulse Diagnostics

Neuberg Diagnostics, one of the top four Pathology laboratory chains in India, with more than 150 labs and 2000+ collection centres and having a presence in India, South Africa, UAE, and the USA announces joint venture with Pulse Diagnostics in Kolkata, West Bengal to expand integrated diagnostics centres combining advanced Pathology and advanced Radiology modalities across Eastern & North Eastern States. The new company will be called Neuberg Pulse Diagnostics and the JV was formalised in the presence of Dr.GSK Velu, Chairman and Managing Director, Neuberg Diagnostics, Ms. Sunaina Bihani, CEO and Managing Director, Pulse Diagnostics & Mr A Ganesan Vice Chairman of Neuberg Diagnostics.

The Joint Venture will integrate the ten labs of Neuberg located across East India with the nine integrated diagnostic centres of Pulse Diagnostics in Kolkata. This will result in close to 20 integrated diagnostic centres, 20 labs, and over 200 collection centres covering the entire length and breadth of Eastern India within this financial year. Ms. Sunaina Bihani will be the MD & CEO of the Joint Venture, and will be ably supported by the Neuberg’s leadership team. 71 Capital Advisors, Indian partner of Clairfield, acted as the exclusive sell side advisor to Pulse Diagnostics and its shareholders in this transaction.

“Pulse Diagnostics is a renowned name in the diagnostics industry in Kolkata, and we are delighted to join forces with them to extend our integrated state of the art high end diagnostics services combining Pathology & Radiology to the people of Eastern & North Eastern states of India,” said Dr. G.S.K. Velu, Chairman & Managing Director of Neuberg Diagnostics.

“This collaboration will enable us to expand our bandwidth in Pathology by upgrading our central lab in Kolkata to become a reference lab for East India and also help us to start close to 20 plus integrated diagnostics centres across Eastern & North Eastern States in the coming two years,” said Ms. Sunaina Bihani, CEO and Managing Director, Pulse Diagnostics.

“Our goal is to make advanced integrated Pathology/Radiology diagnostic solutions including high end investigations like CT/MRI/ Contrast imaging/Genomics / New Born Screening / ImmunoHisto chemistry etc accessible and affordable to larger sections of population in Eastern India, and we are committed to achieving this through our partnership with Pulse Diagnostics.” said Mr. A Ganesan Vice Chairman of Neuberg Diagnostics.

The central lab operated by Pulse Diagnostics at Sarat Bose Road soon to be upgraded to a Regional Reference lab for East India by starting all subspecialties of Lab Medicine, like Histopathology with Immunohistochemistry, Genomics, Metabolomics, New Bon Screening. etc. with advanced initiatives like Data Analytics / Al based diagnostics and total lab automation solutions. The JV will soon venture into Nuclear Medicine segment by installing a PET scanner soon .This will enable the alliance to provide a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to patients in the region.

The partnership between Neuberg Diagnostics and Pulse Diagnostics is expected to improve access and affordability for high end integrated diagnostic services across Eastern India With this merger Neuberg group becomes one of the largest diagnostics providers in East India with annual revenues to reach more than 100 crores in this financial year with an aimi to triple this revenues in the coming three years. With the combined strength of Advanced Radiology skills & expertise of Pulse Diagnostics team and the Advanced Pathology skills, expertise & Global footprint of Neuberg Diagnostics, the newly formed Joint Venture Neuberg Pulse Diagnostics will be uniquely positioned to provide the best in class services of Pathology & Radiology across East India.

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