Medica & ISAR Organizes Conference on Oncology and Reproductive Medicine

On 8th April, Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) Bengal in association with Medica Superspecialty Hospital, the largest private hospital chain in Eastern India organized a continued medical education seminar for practitioners in the fields of oncology and reproductive medicine at ITC Royal. The panel for the event included eminent doctors such as Dr. Arunava Roy, Head of Gynae Oncology and Women Cancer Initiative at Medica Cancer Institute, Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, President of ISAR, Bengal Dr. Sudip Basu, President(elect) of ISAR, Bengal and Dr. Sourav Datta, Senior Consultant & Director at Medica Oncology along with Mr. Ayanabh Deb Gupta, Co-founder & Jt. Managing Director, Medica Hospitals Pvt Ltd.

The seminar participants received an in-depth briefing on the most recent developments in the fields’ intersections and impacts on one another.
Multiple aspects of onco-fertility were discussed in the hour-long seminar, including options to freeze patients’ eggs/sperm prior to cancer treatment, the management of sex hormone levels in cancer survivors, and the promotion of research and communication in onco-fertility. The seminar highlighted the significance of educating cancer patients about onco-fertility and the need for healthcare providers to provide comprehensive care.

Addressing the attendees, Dr. Arunava Roy, Head of Gynae Oncology and an acclaimed Robotic surgeon at Medica Cancer Institute stated, “These days, couples are opting to start a family at an older age than in our previous generations. Whereas more women are presenting with cancer at a younger age (<40 years) over the course of the past decade. With the conjunction of these issues, a challenging scenario is emerging, where young cancer survivors are now seeking out fertility options past their cancer recovery. Onco-fertility is a relatively new field that focuses on the amalgamation of oncology and reproductive medicine, to preserve the fertility of women with curable malignancies. Cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy have a negative impact on fertility. Therefore, cancer treatment must be reconsidered in light of fertility preservation in these young women. It is also noteworthy that robotic surgery has a crucial role in fertility enhancement and preservation as it is a high precision procedure causing less tissue trauma thereby maintaining the healthy anatomy of the patient.”

The seminar hosted by the two reputable medical institutions is the first educational platform of its kind for onco-fertility in Eastern India. The eminent practitioners in the fields of gynecology, oncology, and reproductive medicine joined the seminar to educate healthcare professionals on the latest onco-fertility research and techniques. A tremendous team effort is needed to effectively provide the appropriate healthcare needed for cancer survivors seeking fertility treatment.
Echoing the thoughts of Dr. Arunava Roy, Dr. Siddhartha Chatterjee, President, the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) Bengal, averred, “Fertility preservation is a relatively newer aspect of reproductive medicine that is now being practiced globally. Onco-fertility, as rightly stated by Dr. Roy, refers to cancer survivors seeking fertility or requiring fertility preservation procedures, as well as non-cancer patients who want to have a baby later in life and thus plan to save gamete or gamegenic tissues for future use. As a result, discussions and knowledge distribution among reproductive medicine doctors and others are required. We are glad that this serious issue is being discussed openly today. We really look forward to building a better future for all such patients, in the Eastern region.”

During his speech, Dr. Sourav Datta, Senior Consultant & Director at Medica Oncology said, “As senior doctors, my colleagues would concur that in the past decade, we have often come across patients who have lost the opportunity to enjoy parenthood due to the impact of cancer treatment. We are hopeful that educational initiatives will lead to more nuanced and inclusive treatment programs that will improve cancer survivors’ quality of life and empower them to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.”

Talking about the CME seminar, Mr. Ayanabh Deb Gupta, Co-founder & Jt. Managing Director, Medica Hospitals Pvt Ltd averred, “The objective of the awareness program is to facilitate educational and research-based discourse around the subject of fertility for cancer survivors. We are elated to be part of such a progressive drive that will lead to better healthcare and better fertility choices for brave cancer survivors. In Eastern India, Medica Hospital has been a pioneer in cancer treatment, and its rapid development in the field of oncofertility will further benefit cancer survivors.”
Medica & ISAR collectively wish to spread hope and educate more and more people about the evolving technology in the years to come.

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