Etsy Launches Wide Range of Ethnic Wear for Pôhela Boishakh

India is a country that thrives on festivals, and each occasion has its unique significance. Pôhela Boishakh or Bengali New Year, is one such festival that holds great cultural importance for the Bengali community. It marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar year and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The festival symbolizes new beginnings and brings people together to celebrate with traditional delicacies, music, and dance.
To add to the festive fervour, Etsy has a wide range of ethnic clothes and jewellery that are handcrafted by artisans from across the country. The offerings on the platform for Pôhela Boishakh include sarees, kurtas, pyjamas and jewellery for women, men and children.

Etsy, the global marketplace for unique and creative goods, brings together small businesses and artisans from across the country, to showcase their exquisite creations worldwide. As we celebrate Pôhela Boishakh, Etsy offers a wide range of ethnic apparel and jewellery that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. From exquisite sarees made from silk, linen, and pure cotton to colourful kurta pyjama sets, each piece has intricate work that is a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs, making them ideal for the occasion. The handmade gold-plated shankha pola bangles, ethnic and gold jewellery are the perfect finishing touches to complete your Pôhela Boishakh look.

Etsy enables consumers to explore and purchase from small businesses from different corners of the country. With a commitment to “Keeping Commerce Human” Etsy uses the power of business and technology to strengthen communities and empower people around the world.
The exclusive poila boishakh collections are available online on Etsy’s official website.

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