Bengal Business Council Celebrates Bengal’s Business Success

The Bengal Business Council is thrilled to announce the biggest business celebration of Bengal, “Banglar Nabajagran, Bengal Rising 2.0”. A press conference was held on 20th April to mark the beginning of a grand event that aims to bring together all the business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers to discuss the economic growth and development of Bengal.

The Bengal Business Council is dedicated to promote economic growth and development in Bengal. With “Banglar Nabajagran, Bengal Rising 2.0,” the Council seeks to showcase the resilience and potential of Bengal’s business community. The event will provide a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers to share their ideas and insights, network, and explore business opportunities. The event has featured a press conference and panel discussion with some of the most influential people & business leaders in the region.

On this note, the Chief Guest, Ms. Ushoshi Sengupta, Miss Universe India 2010 and founder of USP Events, whose annual extravaganza PlayFest is a lifestyle and entertainment based property, quoted, “Bengal has a vibrant business ecosystem. This state has a rich culture of entrepreneurship, and events like Bengal Rising, provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the state’s potential to the world. I am honored to be a part of this celebration. This event provides an excellent platform for networking and collaboration.”

Mr. Subrata Dutta, Vice President of the Council and Managing Director of The George Telegraph Group said “Bengal Business Council is the only council for Bengali business owners. It is a business platform truly of the Bengalis, by the Bengalis and for the Bengalis. The council is a unified voice of Bengali business worldwide to prove to the world that Bengalis are not averse to business.” He also added “We are celebrating Banglar Nabajagaran, Bengal Rising 2.0 to bring together Bengali Business of the State and beyond so as to showcase entrepreneurship, innovation and success of Bengali business”.

Shri Avishek Auddy, Chairman of the Council and Director, Chandra’s Chemical Industries (1973) Pvt. Ltd.(a company of the PC Chandra Group), said, “Bengal has always been a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Bengal Business Council has always been that opportunity for their members and other entrepreneurs, which has given them a platform to showcase their entrepreneurial potential & I am thrilled to be a part of this, one-of-a kind trade fair and to witness the potential of Bengal’s business ecosystem. I am confident that this event will inspire a new wave of innovation and growth in Bengal.”

Shri Subhashis Dutta, General Secretary of the Council and Partner of Mohendra Dutt & Sons noted that “Bengalis have been the forerunner in all walks of life. Somewhere, something went wrong that led to the decline of the vibrant business community. It’s time that we revive the old glory – This Nabajagoron relives the Renaissance – one of its kind – that will be led by the entrepreneurs.”

“Banglar Nabajagran” stands as the flag bearer of Bengal’s rich business history and it offers a unique platform for Bengali businesses to participate in Industrial Trade Fair, Job Fair, Automobile Expo, Career & Admissions Fair, Flea-Market, Handicraft Fair and Food Festival. There also will be special performances by Iman Chakraborty, Lakkhichhara and Sourendro-Soumyojit on 21st to 23rd April respectively.

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