The Xen Suites Celebrated 1st Anniversary with A Grand Party

On the rooftop of The Xen Suites, Rajarhat under starry sky a galaxy of tollywood celebs along with many celebrated faces from business, fashion and administration gathered to celebrate 1st anniversary of the property.

It was evident that Anupurba and Ajay have created The Xen Suites as one of the best partying and event destinations in the city. The extravagant party was full of buzz from evening to late night. Scrumptious foods,  soul-satisfying chilled beverages, live music and pool side adda set the weekend partying mood towards ecstasy.

Anupurba was all happy to welcome her guests with a smile of contentment. This party marks another success in her entrepreneurial journey. She proudly said, “I am happy to share that we have achieved break-even within a year. We have achieved this by focusing on customer service and satisfaction. We are introducing a premium gold membership card for lifetime. Members can enjoy huge benefits with our membership option.”

Tollywood actress Sayatani Guhathakurta was spotted making an insta reel beside partying at Xen. “I love partying with my friends and close ones. I enjoy partying at rooftop places like Xen Suites and other places with natural beauty.”

Actor Sandeep Bhattacharya said, ” I came here at the time of inauguration of this place. This place and it’s ambience is excellent. I am enjoying today’s party with friends. It has turned out to be a grand pre-holi celebration.”

“I am here to enjoy a weekend with friends and also to do some gossips”, actress Srijani Mitra said, grinning impishly.

Few snaps from the Xen Party

The glamour cladded Xen Party was also glittered by Design entrepreneur Indranil Dey, film maker Raja Chanda and Soumyajit Adak, a gang of tollywood actors including Darshana, Smiti, Sampurna, Payel, Raneeita, Souptik, Neil, Aishwarya, Kiran, Anindita, Debarun, Nick and many others.

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