Soul Sky Lounge Organized Grand Holi Party with Gulal & Glitterati

The tolly holi party at Soul The Sky Lounge was a star-studded affair, with several big names from the tollygunge film industry in attendance. The event organized on 8th March was a lavish affair, with the host Mr. Abhishek Dutt leaving no stone unturned to ensure that his guests had a great party experiences with holi celebration.

The party started in the afternoon, with guests arriving in their festive best. The air was filled with the sound of music and the aroma of mouth-watering delicacies. The host had arranged for live DJ music by Mikki Banerjee to keep the guests entertained throughout the evening.

Collage of few moments from the holi party

As the time progressed, the guests started to play holi with gulal and flower petals, smearing each other with vibrant hues of pink, red, green, and blue. The atmosphere was electrifying, with everyone in high spirits while chatting, laughing, dancing and having a great time.

The party was attended by several celebrities, including actors, designers, businesspeople and politicians. Some of the notable guests included Sayantani Guhathakurta, Sampurna Lahiri, Richa Sharma, Subhamita Banerjee, Moubani Sarkar, Manisha Mukherjee, Joey Debroy, Preeyam Budhia, Dimple Acharyya, Sreeleena Acharyya, Ayesha Ahmed, Mariam Zaki, Shalini Bhagat, Indraneel Mukherjee and many others.

The host made sure that their guests were well taken care of, with an elaborate spread of traditional Holi delicacies, including Thandai, Drinks, Fuchka, Kababs and other delicacies.

The party continued late into the night, with the guests dancing to the latest Bollywood tracks and enjoying the festive spirit. The event was a huge success, with everyone leaving with fond memories of the fun-filled holi evening.

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