Kolkata’s Five Women Entrepreneurs Who Proved “Banijye Basate Laksmi”

“Banijye Basate Lakshmi”- a sanskrit wisdom which means Laksmi (Goddess of Wealth) dwells in business. On this International Women’s Day, Voice of Kolkata tells you about five Laksmi(s) from Bengal who have been successful in setting up their own ventures in different sectors. Their stories can inspire many bengali women to take up entrepreneurship as a way to become self-reliant. They have proved the sanskrit wisdom straight and otherwise.

Dr. Moon Chattaraj: Dr. Moon is not only a super Prosthodontist that has treated our Vice-President of India and current governor, a host of industrialist and Tollywood stars but also an entrepreneur and has established the best Medical Day Care facility with the state-of-the-art equipment in Eastern India.

Dr. Moon Chattaraj

Anisha Johri & Ritu Duggal: These are two women entrepreneurs and have been in their business with 25 years of experience. They are the only women who have a large modular furniture factory, in Eastern India which has furnished the newly created Flipkart factory in Kolkata. They also work for moderately price homes providing furniture within a smaller budget.

Anisha Johri & Ritu Duggal

Devika Majumder: Devika Majumder is a business visionary and an entrepreneur. Her latest project involves “LES HAUTE” which is a premier leather goods and manufacturing company which has a large number of products for daily uses as well as for corporate gifting. Her USP is 100% customization according to the client’s vision.

Devika Majumder

Mayanka Singhal: Mayanka is not only Dietitian/Nutritionist as well as life coach for number of important people in the city. She also helps to prepare children going overseas designing proper meals and healthy lifestyle.

Mayanka Singhal

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