JITO Kolkata Chapter Celebrates Organization’s 17th Foundation Day

JITO Kolkata Chapter organised a grand programme at Kolkata on 25th March to celebrate JITO Foundation Day. JITO was formally constituted on 20th March 2007 and it has completed 16 years of Journey. The chapter also felicitated JATF Officers and all the members of JITO. The event is being organized by the JITO Kolkata along with Youth and ladies wing.
The Programme was graced by the presence of JITO Apex President Shri Abhay Srisrimal, JATF Chairman Shri Vinod Dugar, & President of Shraman Arogyam Shri Ramesh Haran.

Guest of Honour Secretary of JITO Apex Shri Sanjay Lodha, JBN Apex’s Chairman Shri Rajesh Chandan, & Dr. Harsh Surana were also present to grace the occasion.

According to Shri Abhay Srisrimal, President of JITO Apex, “Our Vision is to become a world class organization to achieve higher economic prosperity, to take care of the underprivileged and to enrich humanity with violence-free, poverty- free and disease-free world.

JATF( JITO Administrative Training Foundation) Chairman Shri Vinod Dugar said, “ Our Mission creating a world class body of influential and powerful industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Businessman and professionals to come together for noble causes of Economic Empowerment, Knowledge and service.

President Shri Ramesh Haran added, “Jito Kolkata aims to conduct series of business and charitable activities in the next 2 years that is going to benefit the public at large’’

JITO Kolkata Chapter’s Chairman Bhaven Kamdar said, “JITO is a worldwide organisation of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers and professionals reflecting the glory of ethical business practices. It is a global organisation set to achieve socio-economic empowerment, value based education, community welfare, practice of compassion, spread of global friendship and spiritual upliftment of fellow beings.

JITO Kolkata Chapter’s Chief Secretary Rohit Surana said, “The versatility of team composition, able leadership along with the noble cause of sharing, caring and upliftment will result in palpable benefits being delivered last mile”.

The National Felicitation Award Ceremony was held in the presence of reporters from several media houses of Kolkata. The Conference was followed by the Dinner, providing attendees with a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming events.


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