Bengal Peerless Celebrates International Women’s Day With Their Female Construction Workers

Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd pre-celebrated the International Women’s Day with a special felicitation of Female Construction Workers at the Avidipta 2 site on 2nd March. Around 12 workers were felicitated for their dedication, continuous hard work and contribution to the project. The guests of honour for the event were Ketan Sengupta, CEO of Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Ltd. Sudeshna Roy, eminent filmmaker and honorable chairperson of WB Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Dipannita Acharya, prolific singer in the genre of Folk Music and Dibyendu Barua, India Chess Grand Master

Speaking on the occasion Ketan Sengupta CEO of Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd. said that, “Women’s contribution should not be appreciated only on a particular day rather should be valued everyday. This project was made through the difficult lockdown phase where the female construction workers battled a challenging time and gave their best efforts for the completion of this project. On this special day I would like to thank all the workers who put plentiful efforts achieving success for the company and would also like to thanks all the dignitaries for joining us at this event

Sudeshna Roy, eminent filmmaker and honorable chairperson of WB Commission for Protection of Child Rights applauded the hardworking female construction workers and mentioned that “its not easy for females to work at construction sites so I would like to congratulate them on their success as well as thank Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co Ltd for commemorating their hard work. Grand Master Dibyendu Barua, said that he would like to appreciate the efforts of all women across society for their hard work and enthusiasm to fight all challenges – especially those who work alongside men in their day to day work. He also said many girls are now actively playing chess.

Dipannita Acharya sang a few lines to celebrate womanhood on this special day at the event. She also reminded how women contributed to Indian folk music.

Bengal Peerless Housing Development Co. Ltd. a company that Peerless set up jointly with West Bengal Housing Board in 1994. It has over 5,000 residential units to its credit. They appreciated the hard work of the female workers by making this day special for them. They also mentioned that during the crisis period of Covid-19 the female workers equally supported the male workers at the construction site, worked enthusiastically to make Bengal Peerless as one of the most well sold projects of India.

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