Adamas University Organized 2-Day Grand Youth Fest

Adamas University organized its two-day official annual youth festival, “ADINOVA 2023” at Knowledge City, Barasat Campus on 27th & 28th February. More than 50 colleges and universities, as well as 3000 students, took part in this event.

The well-known bands Borno Anonyo and Waves in Town performed on first day and enthralled the audience. On second day, band Lokkhi Chara and Sukalyann D Entourage performed.

Adamas University has made significant contributions to society through its achievements in the field of education. Apart from the regular competitions, ADINOVA introduced various inter-college competitions like BIOSCOPE- short film making competition, MAGIQUILL- creative writing, VOXPOP- Debate, INQUISITIVE- quiz, SOUND OF MUSIC- musical event, PUNCHLINE- stand up comedy competition, which were part of this event. In addition to this, the ARD-U-KNOW V4.0- scientific model making competition and the TATHA THAIYA- classical group dance competition mesmerised the audience.

A set of visitors from various colleges and universities of West Bengal came during the fest. ADINOVA was conceptualized to bring out the unique passion of the students through some exciting competitions. There were inter-college competitions like, NUKKAD-street play, LIFE IN CAMPUS – photography, RAMP ON FIRE – fashion show, VALLEY OF VOICE – recitation, DANCE LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING – dance, which were part of this event and mesmerised the audience.

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