Travel Agents Society of Kashmir Interacted with The Press in Kolkata

Travel Agents Society of Kashmir (TASK), an apex body of Elite Tour Operators from Kashmir organized an press conference on 28 January in Kolkata. A team of senior office bearers and members of TASK and Dr Ahsan Ul Haq, Officer Incharge of J&K Tourism Office in Kolkata, were present in the press meet.

Members of TASK met the press in Kolkata

The press meet was meant to present TASK’s views on the often discussed issues of security of visiting tourists and to highlight few other newly developed or emerging tourism destinations in Kashmir.

The officials of TASK highlighted the recent report by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Government of India, which has not a single incident of crime against tourists, including solo females, in Jammu and Kashmir. They also mentioned another report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), which says, not a single crime was committed against tourists who visited Jammu and Kashmir.

“As per both the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Govt. of India and National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports have not only made the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir proud but the whole country, which has become a benchmark and a milestone for other states to follow”, reads the press statement of TASK.

TASK is the oldest tourism body of Kashmir since 1967. TASK played a vital role in making policy decisions with all the successive governments in the past and in the present. The members of TASK have helped the J&K Tourism in promoting tourism in Kashmir.

Kashmir is also known as “The Crown of Incredible India” by aggressively marketing the pristine destinations of Valley. Jammu & Kashmir “The Crown of India” continues to be the country’s pride and is famous for its hospitality. The northernmost state is also called “Bliss on Earth” for its sparkling rivers, placid lakes, gorgeous gardens and indescribable beauty of nature in the Kashmir Valley which in general leave tourists completely speechless.

As per the TASK officials, Jammu & Kashmir has become a victim of negative propaganda, which they wanted to counter with facts and figures. They gave their all round assurances to provide best care and experiences to the tourists visiting Kashmir. TASK wants to create positive perception about J&K as a whole and Kashmir in particular.

In their press statement TASK also mentioned “The Political Conflict in Kashmir does not hamper the spirit of more than 130 Million people of our country to visit Kashmir.It is worth to mention here that Kashmir has received more than 2 Million Tourists for the Season 2022 which has Broken all Previous Records of Tourists arrivals, we humbly Request the Citizen of West Bengal to Support Destination Kashmir to make it one of the preferred tourist destinations of the country”.

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