Satellite version of Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC) in Hindi Launched

Pyramid Meditation Channel (PMC), World’s first spiritual science and lifestyle channel, recently launched its satellite version in Hindi language. The launch was announced at a deeply rejuvenating and nourishing mediation session organised at Kala kunj Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata on 18th February.

The session was attended by large number of meditation practitioners and advocates of spiritual science like many spiritual masters from different states and directors of PMC Hindi.

PMC is a transformative media, with an objective to enable mankind to shift from violence to non-violence, from blind religious beliefs to scientific and spirituo-scientific experimentation and logic, from bankrupt materialism to magnificent Middle Path and finally evolving from animal level of eating to adopting Vegetarianism. It aims to present Truth As It Is. Indias very first New-Age Spiritual Science Channel in Hindi is the official Hindi media wing of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

The PMC Hindi Channel will now be broadcasted 24X7 on Jio TV, SITI Cable, DEN Network, Fast WAY, NXT/IN Digital and will reach over 3 crore households in first few months.

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