Techno India Group Hosts ‘Labonnyo 2023’, An Award To Honour Women Achievers

On 3rd February, Techno India Group, Eastern India’s largest Education Group with interests in healthcare, sustainability and hospitality sector, today, hosted the first edition of Labonnyo, an award initiated to honour women achievers across varied fields. Labonnyo is the manifestation of a cherished dream of Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chairperson, Techno India Group. The award ceremony which was held at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, was attended by city luminaries.

Labonnyo 2023 award is being handed over by Artist Subhaprasanna & Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury

There were eleven categories of Awards in Labonnyo 2023. The categories are Sujata, Snehopurna, Oishani, Swadha, Maanavi, Aarohi, Adweta, Dhriti, Dyuti, Asmi and Devi, the lifetime achievement award. Juries who decided on the winners are Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, Ms. Dona Ganguly, Ms. Alokananda Roy, Mr. Gautam Mohan Chakraborty & Mr. Dibyendu Barua.

“Over the years we have seen and also experienced that a woman has to try twice extremely hard to prove herself in any given field. She faces more criticism for her work, deals with so many more nay-sayers and endures so much more cynicism. It takes enough courage and guts for a woman to emerge from wherever she isto stand tall. To acknowledge the works of such women across varied fields and strata of the society, we, at Techno India, decided to honour such personalities and thus came up with the idea of instituting Lanonnyo.The noteworthy and commendable work of women who have illuminated the lives of the downtrodden and the less fortunate, with happiness, education and shower of love has been chosen as the recipient of the first edition of Labonnyo 2023.The past two years of the pandemic has given all of us armours of determination. As life moves on, let us celebrate the quintessential existence of womenhood and its immeasurable treasures”, said Prof Manoshi Roychowdhury, Co-Chairperson, Techno India Group.

The Awards were given to the following:

Sujata – Sujata Ghatak’s Family
Snehopurna – Haimanti Sen, Education
Oishani – Purnima Mahato, Sports
Swadha – Arundhaty Ghosh, Special Jury
Maanavi – Malati Murmu, Special Jury
Aarohi – Maneka Sorcar, Entertainment
Adweta – Madhumita Mukherjee, Entrepreneur
Dhriti – Monideepa Banerjie, Media
Dyuti – Oindrila Sinha, Social Work
Asmi – Dr. Sunipa Chatterjee, Health

The Chief Guest at the ceremony, Smt Arundhati Bhattarcharya, Former Chairperson, State Bank of India was the recipient of Devi, the Labonnyo 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. She goes down in the annals of history as the first woman Chairperson of the largest national bank of India.

The students of Techno India School & College presented songs and dances during the award ceremony. A short film on legendary women achievers, Gyanadanandini, Mrinalini and Kadombori Devi, who continues to inspire today’s women in every sphere of life, was shown.

Labonnyo will be an annual award ceremony which will not only confer awards and honour to unsung women heroes across the country but also be a platform which will share the inspirational stories of women who toil tirelessly for the welfare of others.

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